Nope, it’s not easy.

When a person comes out as transgender, particularly if they come out after they’ve reached adulthood, it can be very difficult news for the family. Of course, their trans relative deserves their support, understanding, and compassion, but all too often the LGBT community forgets that those closest to a trans person need love and support, too.

Welcome to “Purple State of Mine.”

My name is Oliver*. I’m a 24-year old transguy living in Central Texas, and I understand; being transgender isn’t easy. However, I also understand that being a close relative of a trans person isn’t easy, either.

“Purple State of Mine” is a publication designed to offer support to trans people and their families. As its author, I’m here to provide judgment-free answers to difficult questions about what it means to be trans. Whether you have a transgender loved one, are transgender yourself, or are just interested in learning more about trans life, this blog is for you.